• Welcome to Gulf Communications GmbH. We are your best comsulting partner for Middle East and Africa.

  • Our sales planning strategy provides new, radical approaches as well as standard methodology, in advance to the beginning of each sales year. It will also prioritize your sales activities, focus your effort and ensure greater initiative of your sales personnel.

  • Our strategy will assist you in visualizing and defining a strategic direction for your company.

  • We Have technical knowledge including business areas such as telecommunication, broadcasting, transmission, energy, IT, and many more.

We are Gulf Communications GmbH.

Your best consulting partner for Middle East and Africa.

Who We Are

Gulf Communications GmbH
We are the first choice as advisor in marketing, research and sales, if you are interested in our most prominent excellence: supporting, enhancing, and improving the performance and success of companies that are interested in discovering new markets...

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Our Latest Work

Project FRC (Fiber replaces Copper)
A campus has to be equipped with fiber optic technology instead of the existing copper landlines. All planning, technology consulting, vendor management up to roll out management etc. has been referred to Gulf Communications GmbH...

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Our Partners

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""When we first invited Gulf Communications to offer a small part of a project, we wanted to use them just to make some pressure on the established competitors. But within 2 month we transferred the whole project to GC. It was the start of a long term partnership."
Erkan Dogan, Viptel Ltd., Istanbul

"Gulf Communications is the kind of business partner we highly value. We are very satisfied with the cooperation."
David Jang, Best Promise China, Peking

"Gulf Communications is our main vendor for network equipment for good reason."
Ali Rahal, M&M Trading, Dubai