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Here are the services we offer

Our Services

Gulf Communications builds up together with its client a tailor-made channel of distribution, also with great value in order to enhance their marketing. We provide services such as:

  • Business development and finding the perfect market
  • Sales and transaction
  • Consulting and advisory for your improvements

Our Latest Work

Project FRC (Fiber replaces Copper): A campus has to be equipped with fiber optic technology instead of the existing copper landlines. All planning, technology consulting, vendor management up to roll out management etc. has been referred to Gulf Communications GmbH. Due to the outstanding satisfaction of the customer, Gulf Communications is also in charge of all side and subprojects. Part of this complete technological restructuring is also the integration of a new data center which suits to the requirements and possibilities of fiber technology. This was a typical consulting project, due to the excellent performance in the conception phase, Gulf Commnications is now acting as general contractor.

Business Development

Our team has decades of experience in combining the two important components of our success: technical knowledge including business areas such as telecommunication, broadcasting, transmission (landline and radio), energy, IT, mechanical sector and many more. And effective, very often exclusive, distribution channels for new and from an European business perspective hardly known geographical areas. In addition to this, our company attaches great importance to a lean and therefore fast acting and flexible internal structure.
Providing this knowledge and abilities to our clients is our purpose and our customers success. Of course we also provide the traditional services for spreading your business over the world:

  • Legal entity
  • Business offering
  • Market
  • Strategy
  • Main financial projections including break-even analysis, market analysis, sales forecast, personnel costs, profit and loss, balance sheet and, most important, cash flow
  • Dates and events for tracking progress


We will improve your sales productivity, performance and profitability. No matter if this means changing internal and external processes, or your sales organization and structure, your company as well as the individual salesperson will benefit far beyond your expectations. Of course all these targets are aligned with your corporate goals.

Our sales planning strategy provides new, radical approaches as well as standard methodology, in advance to the beginning of each sales year. It will also prioritize your sales activities, focus your effort and ensure greater initiative of your sales personnel.


Our strategy will assist you in visualizing and defining a strategic direction for your company.

We will help you to find business partners for selling your products especially in the Middle East and North Africa. Your existing capabilities will be applied where they fit best and new competencies that you should build will be recommended by us. We also provide assistance in negotiations, and in solving challenges concerning governmental issues and custom regulations.